Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Virtual Ideaology by: William Russell

Virtual Ideology
The article Virtual Ideology by William Russell was very interesting to read i was happy and surprised that there are websites out there that are aimed at explaining political ideologies to students.  While i was reading the article i was able to go to the websites that were talked about, and i took the quiz and i found that it was very accurate in determining my political affiliation. The quiz's  that were offered were very simple and were explained in great depth. The article mention how it is important for students to have a good understanding of these ideologies so that they are able to make the right choices. below question that need to be addressed within the curriculum standards set forth by the national council for the Social Studies:
What is civic participation and how can I be involved? 
How has the meaning of citizenship evolved? 
What is the balance between rights and responsibilities? 
 What is the role of the citizen in the community, in the nation, and in the world community? • How can I make a positive difference?

Q1. At what age is it appropriate to discuss political ideologies in school with students? 
A1. Personally i feel that this should be addressed in  8th grade because that is the grade where students seem to be introduced to the infrastructure of the government, ant i feel it is crucial that they understand exactly where peoples ideas and beliefs are coming.

Q2. in this day in age do believe students political perception is their own or is it the ideas of their parents and or friends?
A2. because students do not talk about politics with their friends i think that the ideas and beliefs are those of their parents. it is clear that children pick up morals and habits from their surrounding environment, so it should be clear that they will also pick up the political ideologies of those whom they are surrounded by.

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