Friday, March 6, 2009

Math and Movies Make Learning Fun

This week i read a software review that talked about three products that encourage learning in a new and innovative way. the Article Math and Movies Make Learning Fun, by Judi Mathis Johnson. the first product took a video game style software to teach students the definition of binary numbers, as well as allowing students the ability to use their inductive and deductive reasoning to figure out problems. these types of games allow students to learn essential skills that lead them to become a better math or science thinker/problem solver. the second application was a simple yet effective way to teach math, it took everyday scenarios such as going to the supermarket, this helped students with simple math concepts, ad at the same time it allowed visual learners a good visual representation of the scenarios.  the final and third exercise allowed students to create a movie. along with creating the movie itself students learning about writing a script, it encouraged planning , and most importantly it allowed students to release their creativity. 

Q1. Should teachers be encouraged to use these types of programs?
A1. Personally i feel that if teachers have the time and resources they should try to use these types of programs because it allows students to use their creative skills that often go untaped with the current way the school curriculum is set up.
Q2. What are some programs that are of this style?
A2. I can only remember one such program that i used in grade school. that program was The Oregon Trail. Wow technology has really come a long way since then. i can see the lack of these types of programs back 15- 20 years ago, but now there should not be any excuse, the technology is there and people should try asnd take advantage of it whenever possible. 

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