Monday, February 16, 2009

DIG Stats by: Tom Morgan

I chose this article because I am a statistics lover. I like to look at number and analyze data. In this article the author talks about a website that was created to help students with statistical analysis. he say that the technology that is used is to make the plotting of the data faster so that students have more time to look and analyze the data which was recorded.  Students are able to use either the Microsoft Excel program or their Texas Instrument 83 Calculators.  I think that when students are able to connect the data that is been used to real life examples, it amplifies the importance. As a child one always ask if the information is going to be used in later life.  Using real life examples shows students that "yes" math is used as an adult and it is very important.  


Q1: Why aren’t these types of programs offered at all school throughout the country? A1 I think that these types of programs are not incorporated into lesson plans because the teachers might feel that using technology will require an extra lesson or two to get everyone on the same page. I also feel that creating extra work for teachers will not allow them to cover all of the standards that are required to be taught in the school year.    


Q2 Would students prefer to use this method of learning or would they prefer to keep it simple with paper and pencil? A2 I think that it all depends of the type student. Some students like the technology, and prefer to be up to synch with what is being used out in big companies. There are also the students who feel that keeping it simple creates fewer problems. They are the students who don’t enjoy working with technology because if something can go wrong, it will.

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