Thursday, February 5, 2009

Creating Valuable Web Sites by: Elizabeth (Betsy) A Baker

The article Creating Valuable Web Sites by Elizabeth (Betsy) A Baker was about how teachers feel bad about not allowing their st

udents to use the Internet, it also mentioned that some just try to avoid it completely at school for safety reasons. This Article provides a good look and approach for teachers when it comes to developing their very own website. The Author provides 3 methods to start your class website. Method 1 is for beginners, and its simply by going to a provider and creating a simple website. Method 2 is more advanced allowing for blogs, discussions, and wikkis. It allows more student interaction. The last method is the most complex, it is for anyone wishing to become the web site developer, and it requires more time and special software. I feel that a class web site mentioned in method 1 is best suited for elementary and maybe meddle school. Method 2 and 3 are best suited for the high school students and some middle school classes. Allowing student to have access to online resources is very important in this world were technology changes at a daily rate.

Q.1 Should schools offer teachers training to help them create web sites?

A.1 I personally think that teachers should have the opportunity to learn web page design and the district could have training for teachers willing to put in the time to learn. The school and students will benefit greatly.

Q.2. Why is it important to offer this type of technology to our students?

A.2. I feel that it is extremely to offer this technology to students at an early age because doing so will give them and advantage in the corporate world later on in their future. If we as educators can introduce website, bloging, and other online tool it will only help students as they move forward in their lives.

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