Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Chatting It Up Online, Pamela Livingston

The article Chatting It Up Online by Pamela Livingston was about how technology was intergrated to be able to communicate with an author that students had been reading in class. The article goes into depth of the process of setting up this new and exciting activity. From reading this article it seemed like it was a rather extensive process to set up the online chat session.

I think that this article was really interesting to read because it shows how far we have come when it deals with technology. At the end of the article it mentioned that previously the class had written to an author but had to wait for months for a response.using this anticuated process of wrottomg letters can take along time, and the students can get frustrated if they do not receive an answer. With online chatting the answers to great question appear nearly instantaneous.

Q1. What is digital citizenship?

A1. I think that digital citizenship reffers to appropriate behavior when one is online. like the article mentioned you don't want to type in ALL CAPS, beacuse that means you are shouting.

Q2 How does using technology help students in the long run?

A2. I feel that the world is everchanging and the advancement of technology occurs on a daily basis. Having the oportunity to use technology at an early age is a tremendous advantage.

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